The name and logo of Full Circle Movement Therapy encompasses the intention behind founder Nandi Hollo’s methodology and philosophy. The painted circle is from the Zen tradition, which expresses a moment when the mind is relaxed and free to let the body create and connect with the flow of life - a state in which all distinctions and dualities are removed. The incomplete circle also allows room for movement and development.

The Full Circle name is an invitation to come back to the wholeness that you already are, which may have been temporarily forgotten through injury, trauma to body or mind, lifestyle, or other life situations.

Full circle offers a therapeutic experience for each person in a safe and dedicated environment, where you can feel well and supported in a simple and meaningful way. Full Circle believes that each of us has the capacity to experience flow in our body and life. The therapy acts like a guide and reminder for the body to access this capacity. Aiming to give the freedom and empowerment back to the individual, to have a renewed enthusiasm to take care of themselves with the aid of known, and newly learned skills and techniques.

When we are being our true nature, which is openness, we find that we're actually not opposition to anything. Whatever is happening in the openness is perfectly okay,& so we are able to respond to life in a spontaneous and wise way

- Adyashanti

Many people feel delighted when they find a massage therapist who precisely matches their needs. Given how unique the Full Circle Movement Therapy is, the experience may not suit everyone, but those who connect with this method describe it as “incomparable”.

The sessions are delivered with respect and professionalism to ensure each person feels safe and at ease within the treatment environment. Sessions also incorporate elements of creativity; flow; intuition; playfulness; presence and skill, which are valued as an important part of treatment. If you’re interested to try this experience for yourself or gift it to someone you love, you can make a booking here.