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Full Circle Movement Therapy is a fusion of massage, yoga, fitness and bodywork methods. The sessions draw upon a range of techniques, including remedial, shiatsu, traditional thai massage, thai yoga massage, joint and mobility training, swedish, sport, myofascial release, deep relaxation, cranio-sacral, and trigger point massage therapy. The method is also influenced by yoga, zenthai shiatsu, intuitive movement, breath-work, meditation, mindfulness and self enquiry practices.

You can expect each session to flow in a way that addresses physical conditions of concern, whilst being deeply relaxing, therapeutic and tailored to meet the receiver’s needs. Together, these techniques encourage a return to the body’s natural equilibrium, leaving you feeling energised, centred and strong. Full Circle’s signature therapy is a floor based fully clothed massage on a comfortable mat. Although movement and yoga sessions are also an optional part of services offered.

Health fund rebates are available.

Full Circle also specialises in services for people with disabilities, which can be covered by NDIS.

Full Circle operates in the Wollongong region of the Illawarra.


Full Circle Movement Therapy

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Practice Areas

Therapy can be effective for:

Specialising in massage & exercise therapy for people with disability

Numerous tailored services are available, including: individual yoga or fitness classes; individualised massage therapy; group movement or massage sessions; carer support. Benefits described by clients include: relaxation, injury/pain management and prevention, behavioural support, increased quality of coordination, communication, confidence, and strength. 

Complete Relaxation

Within each session the intention is to experience wholeness in a fully relaxed way. In order to maintain good health it is essential to regularly be able to switch off, recharge, and take a fresh perspective from the challenges of life situations. Sessions can include take-home practices and practical tools for daily living.

Pain & Injury Recovery

When the presenting issue is pain or injury, various techniques are used to explore the issue and support the body’s systems with the recovery process. Sessions aim to speed up healing, prevent re-injury, relieve tension, aid better overall nutrition in the muscles, improve muscle flexibility, free the body of spasm and pain, and offer a variety of skills to manage recovery in everyday life.

Stress & Anxiety

Experiencing a safe and relaxing therapy space can allow the nervous system to recalibrate by lowering levels of stress hormones, and increasing “feel good” neurotransmitters, as well as activating the parasympathetic ‘rest and relax’ response in the body. Sessions focus on physical relaxation, and can also address emotional and mental presentations of distress. Techniques for self-management can also be explored.

Mental & Physical Strength

Regular exercise and/or massage therapy can have a profoundly positive impact on overall quality of life and health, as they can reduce the risk of several diseases and health conditions while increasing the capacity to experience more resilience. Sessions are designed to experience and acquire skills to support physical and mental strength that can be used between sessions.

Health Empowerment

Regular sessions assist in a greater awareness of the body/mind connection. Embodied experiences of wellbeing have the potential to increase or reaffirm the importance of having mental and physical health as a priority in one’s life. Guidance, skills and techniques are offered to support each person to feel equipped to experience greater health, through gradual and achievable steps with an ‘effortless effort’.

Trauma & Emotional Distress Sensitive

Sessions are held in an invitational way with the intention of supporting each person to experience ease and safety within the session, as well as offering a range of choices, and encouraging open communication. Many people describe the experience of being cared-for to be supportive of their own awareness of personal strengths, and enable them to embody the present moment more comfortably and fully.

Conversational Self Enquiry

If chosen, sessions can include an opportunity to explore the sense of self in relation to the internal and external environment, as a means of finding your own way to insight, through guided enquiry. Such conversations can explore the interconnectedness of thoughts, speech, actions, feelings, beliefs, habits, body, movement, health, relationships, friendships, work, community and wider perspectives. As well as providing an opportunity to connect with your own openness, wisdom, and awareness.

About Nandi Hollo


Nandi Hollo has over a decade of study and professional practice in massage, human movement and body-mind therapies. He is also an experienced yoga teacher, disability support worker, and healthy living enthusiast. This wide skillset enables him to offer specialised massage and movement therapy to people with a diverse range of abilities and health conditions.

Nandi is passionate about offering sessions that renew a sense of wholeness between each person and their body and life. His skills as a massage therapist and yoga teacher have been included in trainings, events, workshops and retreats. When he’s not offering a therapy session you can find him volunteering at the Flame Tree Food Coop, or PCYC Bulli, adventuring with friends in nature, spending time with his family, improving his juggling skills, playing basketball, or seeking out live performances.


Bachelor of Community Development/Management

Diploma of Yoga Teaching

Diploma of Remedial Massage

Postgraduate training in oriental therapies - Zenthai Shiatsu

Certificate III in Fitness

Certificate IV in Disability

Cerified FRC Mobility Specialist (incl. Kinstretch)

Extensive ongoing study in massage, yoga & disability

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“As a massage therapist for the past 35 years I am beyond fussy about where I go for my own massage.

I have chosen Nandi for the past 3 years for his level of skill, attention to detail and capacity to tune in. My monthly trip from Bondi to his practice in Woonona is well worth the journey"

“Trust, intention, willingness to let go, listen, intuition, words escape me. The skill to have your body talked to by such a good communicator and me to listen, wow what a journey"

—  Catherine McEwan, massage therapist/        Founder of Nature Care College

—  Cate Peterson, Owner at Yogahive


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